How to Protect Yourself and Others during the COVID-19 or any other Pandemic

Out of Her loving concern regarding the COVID-19 pandemic,
Supreme Master Ching Hai has shared general hygiene notes and other practical tips to protect ourselves and others in this urgent time (and for any other epidemic).

Preventive Home Remedies for COVID-19 and Other Tips from Supreme Master Ching Hai

I’m giving you some extra prevention or extra cure medicines and tips, if you’d like to try. Take them between any kind of your prescribed medicine, not together, at least 30 minutes after.
Better when symptoms just start. If a symptom persists after two days, you should consult with your doctor. All this is for prevention and an extra boost for recovery, not to replace your doctor’s prescription for infection.
Apart from all the precautions, you must always be humble, be grateful, that you are healthy. Pray for your safety. Pray for protection.

Study shows plant-based eaters experience less severe COVID-19 symptoms.

A survey of over 2,800 frontline medical workers in six countries revealed that those following a plant-based diet had a 73% lower chance of developing a moderate to severe COVID-19 infection.
Plus, a second study of almost 600,000 people found that diets with the most plant foods were linked to a reduced risk of a COVID-19 infection altogether.

General Hygiene Notes from Master
(Supreme Master Ching Hai)

These notes have more details because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Originally these were for us, but Master asked us to share them with the public.

- Wear hat/mask/gloves/ goggles; if have, wear face shield, like those used by welders, or your shielded motorcycle helmet. Don’t touch above your neck if it feels itchy, (scratch with a small clean stick or some similar device.) Take a shower from head to toe and wash clothes with hot water after going out to public areas or shopping, etc....

How to Make Your Own Protective Face Shield, Face Mask and Gloves

Due to the worldwide shortage of protective face masks, out of loving concern, Master has shown us how to make our own. We share these tips from Supreme Master Ching Hai hoping it will help our brothers and sisters in time of urgency. May God protect us all. “You can make your own protective mask by cutting a square piece of transparent, hard plastic. Attach it to a harder band by taping or stapling. Then band it over your forehead with an elastic band or clothes piece to shield your whole face while outing in public places such as supermarkets etc…”

Eating Animals: The Origin of COVID-19 and Other Diseases

Fatal Epidemics / Pandemics Originally Transmitted by Eating Animals
HIV/AIDS – transmitted by chimpanzees
Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (Mad Cow Disease) – transmitted by cows
H5N1 Avian (Bird) Flu – transmitted by chickens, geese
SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) – transmitted by civets
H1N1 Swine Flu (Pig's Disease) – transmitted by pigs
MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) – transmitted by camels
Ebola – transmitted by bats
COVID-19 – transmitted from bats to pangolins
All these diseases are transmitted FROM ANIMALS TO HUMANS

Secret about COVID-19

The COVID-19 virus, they have souls in them. That’s why they’re so smart, so versatile and so difficult to catch and to cure. These are the souls of the massacred and abused and tortured animals that the humans have been consuming.
Be Vegan = Make Peace
I don’t want to mince my words anymore. Our time is short now. Our world is in truly imminent emergency. There are a few ticking bombs, not just one. No need to wait for even climate change. Heaven is angry. Earth is angry. The Nature is angry, waiting, waiting for us to return to our original loving, kind nature, as God intended us to have. Waiting for us to exercise this power to save others and to save ourselves and our family. All this angry, anguished energy is all aiming at us. Compared to this energy, the atom bomb is nothing. It’s like a child’s toy. Hell is inevitable if we do not change our way of life. Help the planet. Rescue the animals. Save our world. Be a hero.

~ Supreme Master Ching Hai (Vegan)
World-renowned Humanitarian, Artist, and Spiritual Master
February 6, 2020
Supreme Master Ching Hai’s URGENT Message to All Animal Meat Business & Livestock Factory Owners, also Fishing, Egg, Milk, Fur, Lab Test, Cosmetics and Leather Industries
Supreme Master Ching Hai’s URGENT Message to All Religious and Spiritual Leaders
Supreme Master Ching Hai’s URGENT Message to All World Leaders and Governments
You are welcome to download these URGENT Messages and share them with concerned personages, family and friends. God bless.
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